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Tiny Cupid's Arrow

Embrace the timeless dance of love with our Cupid's Arrow Necklace. Let this delicate & tiny arrow, forged in silver or gold, be a symbol of the sweet moments that pierce the heart. A declaration in every curve, a promise in every detail. Wear it close, feel the heartbeat of love. This necklace isn't just jewelry; it's an echo of shared glances and whispered promises. Let the arrow of Cupid guide your love story. Elegance meets emotion; romance, beautifully captured.

Sterling Silver is ready to ship!
Available in silver (white, yellow, or rose gold plated), 10K solid gold (white or yellow), or 14K solid gold (white, yellow, or rose). Measures approximately 0.36". Comes with a 15"-18" adjustable cable. No personalization.

Our thoughtful and sustainable practices have long been the Monya standard. We adhere to FTC's guidelines and our handcrafted jewelry features responsibly sourced diamonds and recycled metals. With proper care, cleaning, and storage your Monya pieces will last for generations. Learn more here.

Our jewelry and manufacturing studio is family-owned and proudly operates out of Chicago, USA. Because we design and create all of the products ourselves, our customers don't incur unnecessary markups from third-party manufacturers, overseas shipping cost, and other fees associated with most brands.

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